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Angelwax Clarity - 1000 ml

Angelwax Clarity - 1000 ml
Angelwax Clarity - 1000 ml
SKU: ANG58036
Weight: 2 lbs 5 ozs
A year round windshield washer fluid concentrate that easily removes bird droppings, insects and traffic film while protecting your windshield with a hydrophobic coating on your glass.
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Product Details
  • Year-round concentrated windshield washer fluid.
  • Easily removes bird droppings, insects, traffic film and other contaminants associated with daily driving.
  • Dilution Ratios:
    • Summer - 19:1 (water:Clarity)
    • Autumn/Spring - 9:1
    • Winter (-15) - 4:1
    • Extreme Winter (-25) - 1:1
    • De-Icer - Spray directly onto the ice.
Angelwax Clarity is a super concentrated screen wash that has been specially formulated to for use in your windshield washer reservoir. Clarity easily removes bird droppings, insects, traffic film and other fallout associated with daily driving. You can use Clarity year round! Simply adjust your dilution ratio to match the climate and weather conditions. 

Clarity is part of a Angelwax's fantastic glass care lineup! To achieve crystal clear glass, first clean your windshield with Angelwax Vision. Then, apply a layer of Angelwax H2Go Rain Repellent to your windshield. Fill your washer fluid reservoir with Clarity, diluted to the correct ratio for your climate, and it will clean and protect your windshield by adding a hydrophobic coating to your glass. 

Size: 1000 ml. Also available in a bulk 5L size.
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