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3D 521 Glass Polish - 16 oz

3D 521 Glass Polish - 16 oz
3D 521 Glass Polish - 16 oz
SKU: 521OZ16
Weight: 1 lbs 11 ozs
A Cerium Oxide based polish to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks and water spots from automotive glass.
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Product Details

Over time, it is common for wiper marks to build-up in your windshield for a variety of reasons. Often, sand and other small airborne contaminants land on your windshield and when you turn on your wiper blades these particles are dragged across the windshield, scuffing and scratching the glass. This is where 3D's new Glass Polish comes in!

3D 521 Glass Polish is a cerium oxide based polish designed to remove swirls, scratches, wiper marks and water spots from automotive glass surfaces. It works to restore dulled and tarnished glass to its original clarity and brightness, helping improve your driving visibility. It is a great prep step prior to application of a glass coating.

For best results, you want to use a high speed rotary polisher with a felt glass pad. Lake Country's glass pads are the perfect felt pad to use! While not necessary, having a foam interface pad between your felt pad and backing plate is highly recommended. 3D Glass Polish is easy to work with and wipes off effortlessly.

How to use 3D 521 Glass Polish:

  1. Make sure the glass is cool an clean. Always clean the glass prior to polishing.
  2. Apply a circle of product directly onto your felt pad.
  3. Mist the section of glass you are polishing with water and spread the product at a slow speed.
  4. Once spread, bring the polisher up to a high speed, polishing the glass using a crosshatch pattern overlapping your passes by 50%. 
    1. For rotary polishers, the 1500 to 2500 rpm range works well.
    2. For orbital or dual action polishers, the high-speed setting works best.
  5. Using medium pressure, polish the section for a few minutes. Continue to mist water onto the glass as you are polishing your section to help the polishing action.
  6. As the product dissipates, stop buffing and wipe off the residue and inspect your results. If defects remain, clean your pad, add more product and polish again.

Tip: It is highly recommended you tape off the area around your glass to prevent polish from getting into seams and crevices.

Size: 16 oz.

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