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Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel Glass Treatment
Aquapel Glass Treatment
SKU: 47100
Weight: 0 lbs 4 ozs
Changes the way you see the road! More details...
Price: $9.99
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Product Details
Aquapel Glass Treatment changes the way drivers see the road. Developed and patented by PPG Industries, Aquapel is a product that promotes driver safety. It can be used on any window where clearer vision is desired. 
When a product is designed for automotive professionals and enthusiasts, as Aquapel is, all drivers benefit. Aquapel repels rain for improved visibility, makes it easier to clear ice and snow, reduces glare in the rain, especially at night, and helps to reduce water marks. 
Aquapel Glass Treatment works by forming a chemical bond with the glass which increases water repellency, causing water to bead and easily shed off the glass. Aquapel's fluorinated compounds apply in just minutes to a clean, dry windshield or any exterior glass surface, and lasts up to six times longer than silicone-based products.
Aquapel Glass Treatment remains highly effective after months of normal use, including heavy rain and snow, vehicle washing, glass cleaning, and salt spray.
The University of Michigan's Transportaion Research Institute used simulated conditions to study the effect of hydrophobic coatings, such as Aquapel, on windshields. The study indicates that hydrophobic coatings can improve an operators visual acuity by nearly 34% over an untreated windshield. Additionally, a driver's response time to identify a small target was improved by 25%, from four seconds to three seconds. One second of response time represents about 58 feet of travel distance at 40 miles per hour.
Directions:  Thoroughly clean and dry the glass. Hold the applicator between the thumb and fingers with the pad down and level over the windshield. Squeeze the wings together until a popping sound is heard and liquid is released onto the pad. Immediately wipe the soft pad of the applicator over the glass in up-and-down as well as side-to-side motions to ensure the glass is well covered. Avoid painted surfaces. Wipe the glass with a clean dry paper towel immediately after Aquapel has been applied to the entire windshield. Failure to wipe immediately may cause hazing that requires additional buffing with a clean, dry paper towel.
Do not allow Aquapel to air dry onto the windshield. When applying to large surfaces, treat and dry one half at a time. Do not use in temperatures below 50 F or hotter than 90 F or in excessively humid conditions. Once applied, Aquapel can be re-applied as needed. Cleaning glass with ordinary glass cleaners will not affect product durability.
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