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Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel, 32 oz.

Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel, 32 oz.
SKU: OPT-1200
Weight: 2 lbs 8 ozs
Durable high gloss protection for rubber and vinyl surfaces.
Price: $19.99
Product Details
  • Thick, water-based gel.
  • Leaves a high gloss shine behind.
  • Can be used on exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Dries to the touch, does not attract dust.
Opti-Bond Tire Gel is a thick, water-based formula that provides a high gloss shine and great durability on all tires, wheel wells, interior and exterior trim, and vinyl. This ultra-safe formula contains no petroleum distillates or VOCs which are known to crack vinyl and rubber. The advanced UV and ozone protectants in Opti-Bond shield surfaces from sun damage and environmental pollution. With repeated use, rubber and vinyl surfaces will remain supple, flexible and retain their color.

In addition to the premium protection Opti-Bond delivers, it adds an attractive shine to all rubber and vinyl surfaces. And since the formula is water based, Opti-Bond will dry to the touch and does not attract dust. You can apply Opti-Bond in a couple of ways. You can wipe it on with a foam applicator, just like a traditional tire gel, or you can dilute it 1:1 (1 part water to 1 part Opti-Bond) and spray it onto the surface. Just make sure the tires or trim you are applying Opti-Bond too are dry before application. Allow Opti-Bond to penetrate the surface and wipe away any excess to even the shine.

Diluting Opti-Bond is a great option for professional detailers and garages. Apply Opti-Bond anywhere you want a high gloss shine!

Size: 32 oz.
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