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Meguiar's M34 Mirror Glaze Final Inspection - 128 oz

Meguiar's M34 Mirror Glaze Final Inspection - 128 oz
SKU: M3401
Weight: 9 lbs 2 ozs
Maintain a showroom shine anywhere, anytime.
Price: $29.99
Product Details
Meguiar's Final Inspection mists on and wipes off to remove fresh contaminants and maintain a showroom shine...anywhere, anytime. Its high lubricity formula removes dust, fingerprints, contaminants and fine scratches. It will remove fresh contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings, tree sap mist, and water spots. Meguiar's Final Inspection is safe and effective on all paints including clear coats and its optical brighteners produce a high gloss show car shine.
Final Inspection was developed for professionals and enthusiasts to use just before their vehicles get judged. If you are looking to trade in a vehicle, Final Inspection is perfect to use just before heading to the dealership. The shine and sparkle it pulls out of the vehicle's finish will impress any evaluator.
Final Inspection is an excellent clay bar lubricant and is perfect for removing any residue left after buffing. Meguiar's Final Inspection contains no silicone so its safe for use in the paint shop environment.
We also offer Final Inspection in a 16 oz. size.
Directions:  Shake well. It is best if applied in the shade to a clean, dry and cool surface. Final Inspection will still work in direct sunlight, but you will need a little elbow grease to wipe it off. Final Inspection is not for heavily soiled finishes.
Mist on a small area, approximately a 2 x 2 foot area, and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber towel.  Immediately turn towel to a dry side and lightly wipe to a deep gloss. We recommend using our Ultra-Plush Microfiber Buffing Cloth to wipe off Final Inspection.
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