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Zirconite ZC-Boosta Coating - 30 ml

Zirconite ZC-Boosta Coating - 30 ml
Zirconite ZC-Boosta Coating - 30 ml
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A 1-year paint coating that increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence!
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Product Details
  • A 1-year paint coating that creates an amazing amount of deep gloss!
  • Dramatically increases hydrophobicity so water sheets right off.
  • Great as a stand-alone coating or on top of ZQ9h Paint Coating.
  • Apply to paint, glass, plastic trim and wheels.
Zirconite ZC-Boosta is a 1 year coating that increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence! It can be used as a stand-alone coating or applied on top of Zirconite ZQ9h Paint Coating to increase its durability, longevity and hydrophobic properties. Boosta chemically fuses to ZQ9h to increase its durability, longevity, gloss and hydrophobic properties.

You can safely apply Boosta on paint, glass, plastic trim and wheels to offer UV, chemical and scratch resistance along with increased levels of gloss and hydrophobic qualities. Boosta offers long lasting, 12 month protection.

ZC-Boosta is a Polysiloxane (polymer silicones and oxygen) reactive booster coating. While this type of coating is not as durable as Polysilizane (polymer silicones and nitrogen) based coatings like ZQ9h, Polysiloxane coatings offer dramatically increased depth of gloss and hydrophobic qualities making ZC-Boosta a great compliment to ZQ9h. If applying in conjunction with ZQ9h, wait 2 hours after the final application of ZQ9h to apply Boosta.

You can apply Boosta to matte and satin paint finishes. Boosta will not affect the gloss level of matte or satin finishes, but will slightly darken the color.

Like all coatings, you will need to properly prepare the surface for Boosta if using on its own. Thoroughly wash/clean, decontaminate and polish the surface if necessary. Lastly, perform a cleansing wipe down with Zirconite Panel-Prep to remove any remaining polishing, grease or wax residues. Even if you do not polish, this step is required!

If you are applying Boosta on top of ZQ9h, wait 2 hours after the final application of ZQ9h to apply. You do not need to perform any other prep work if topping ZQ9h with Boosta.

How to apply Zirconite ZC-Boosta:
  1. Vehicle must be indoors, out of direct sunlight and in a dust free environment.
  2. Wrap the suede cloth around the applicator block and discharge a line of Boosta along the face of the cloth.
  3. Apply the product to a maximum 2' x 2' section of the paint using the bock and cloth in a cross-hatch pattern.
  4. After thorough application, allow the product to flash off for up to 5 minutes. The time will be dependent on your environment.
    • Ideally, your ambient temperature will be between 59ºF and 77ºF. Your flash time will vary depending on the temperature. We do not recommend applying Boosta in temperatures below 59ºF. The cooler your temperature the longer your flash time will be. As it gets warmer your flash time will shorten.
  5. Using a lint-free microfiber towel, buff away Boosta working from the outside of the application area inwards. 
  6. Flip to an unused side of your microfiber towel and continue to buff as necessary.
If desired, a second layer of ZC-Boosta can be applied 4 hours after the initial application.

Post application instructions:
  • Coated surfaces must be kept dry for 3 hours after application.
  • Vehicle must not be driven for at least 12 hours after application to ensure the initial curing phase is complete.
  • You can accelerate the curing time with an Infra-Red light for 5 minutes at 65 degrees. Do this twice per section.
  • Do not wash vehicle for 7 days after coating application.
  • Use Zirconite Bead-Magik after the initial 12 hour curing phase is complete. This will allow Boosta to continue curing and prevent water spots from forming in the coating prior to it fully curing.
In the kit:
  • 1 x ZC-Boosta, 30 ml bottle
  • 2 x micro suede application cloths
  • 1 x pair of gloves
  • 1 x instruction leaflet
  • 1 x Zirconite sticker
Made in Britain
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