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Zirconite Fast Protect Concentrate - 1000 ml

Zirconite Fast Protect Concentrate - 1000 ml
Zirconite Fast Protect Concentrate - 1000 ml
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Weight: 2 lbs 10 ozs
A highly concentrated spray-on, rinse-off touchless protectant that dries streak-free on all exterior surfaces!
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Product Details
  • Simple spray-on, rinse off touchless protection!
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces: paintwork, glass, trim, wheels and convertible tops.
  • Creates a high-gloss finish with an exceptional hydrophobic "lotus leaf" effect!
  • Protects up to 3 months.
  • Highly concentrated, dilutes 1:32. Measuring cup included.
  • Saves detailers time and money!
  • Dries streak free.
Zirconite Fast Protect Concentrate is a highly concentrated simple spray-on, rinse-off touchless final protective step in your wash process. This easy to use concentrate dries streak free and protects all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, trim, wheels and convertible tops delivering an exceptional hydrophobic "lotus leaf effect" protective coating. 

Fast Protect utilizes a Nano Polysiloxane formula that creates a "lotus-leaf effect!" One application of Fast Protect will protect for up to 3 months and makes the perfect maintenance product for coated surfaces. It will boost overall scratch and abrasion resistance while even covering fine holograms and scratches! Fast Protect provides UV protection and chemical resistance. 

Professionals with a shop, mobile detailers, dealerships and enthusiasts can all use Fast Protect due to its ease of use! Simply spray-onto the entire car and rinse-off with no streaking. You can even use Fast Protect tis way in direct sunlight without streaking!

Did we mention it is highly concentrated? Fast Protect Concentrate dilutes 1:32. Yes, you read that correctly! Simply add 1 ounce to 32 ounces of water and you have the perfect formula! You will use approximately 16.5 oz. of diluted Fast Protect on an average car. If using a 16 oz. spray bottle add 1/2 an ounce to 16 ounces of water.

Fast Protect was designed to save professionals and enthusiasts time and money! Fast Protect is applied simply by spraying on and rinsing off. It is considered a drying aid as it repels water immediately after application. This reduces the amount of time to dry the car and provides an enormous time savings when compared to any other paint protection product! Plus, you will only use 1/2 an ounce per car, so 1 bottle of Fast Protect Concentrate will protect 64 cars when diluted properly! 

How to use Zirconite Fast Protect Concentrate:
  1. Properly dilute 1:32 (FPC:Water). There's no need to overconcentrate your mixture!
  2. Thoroughly wash and rinse your car and apply Fast Protect to the entire car. You will use approximately 16.5 ounces of the diluted mixture on an average car.
  3. Rinse off with a strong jet of water.
  4. Dry any remaining water with your favorite drying towel!
Only mix the amount of product you will be using that day. Do not store diluted product.

Size: 1000 ml concentrate
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