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Tolco Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner for Gallons

Tolco Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner for Gallons
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Acurately measure your concentrates.
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The Gallon Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner has a 38-mm cap with a 12-inch dip tube which can be cut to size.  It will fit all gallon (128 oz.) sized bottles.
If you like to buy car care products in bulk, then you need a Pro-Blend Bottle Proportioner.  The only problem with buying care care products in bulk is getting them from the big container into the smaller, usable container.  With the Pro-Blend, you can instantly premeasure your concentrates and pour them directly into your usable container without funnels, measuring cups, guessing or drips.
The Pro-Blend makes buying in bulk much more convenient and economical.  With the Pro-Blend, there is no guessing involved to attain the proper dilution ratio.  Proportioning liquids is quick, clean, and perfect every time with the Pro-Blend Bottle proportioner.
Directions:  Twist the Pro-Blend onto the bottle.  Turn the black top to adjust the regulator to the desired amount of liquid.  Measurements in ounces and milliliters are marked on the side of the reservoir.  Squeeze the bottle and watch the reservoir fill.  Release the bottle and the excess liquid will drain out, leaving only the amount you selected.  Flip the cap on the top and pour the measured liquid into another container.
Tip:  Use a different Pro-Blend for each bulk product you use.  This way you do not need to clean them to prevent cross-contamination (for example, contaminating an all purpose cleaner with a wheel acid).
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"Time saver!" Purchased from Autoality

on 5/15/2018 8:06:58 AM

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Review: Huge time saver. No more measuring cups or funnels to get the concentrate into the container st right ratio. Just adjust the fill up dial, squeeze the bottle, and pour!