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Stoner Invisible Glass Pro Grade Ceramic Glass Coating - 30 ml

Stoner Invisible Glass Pro Grade Ceramic Glass Coating - 30 ml
Stoner Invisible Glass Pro Grade Ceramic Glass Coating - 30 ml
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The first professional grade ceramic you can apply without the need for professional application!
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Product Details
  • Easy DIY application with professional results
  • SiO2 with polysilazane
  • Doubles your glass hardness
  • Long lasting protection

Unlike consumer-grade and hybrid ceramics, Stoner has developed a product that is not only a true professional ceramic, but also easier to work with. It is this combination of real ceramic technology with a higher level of workability that makes Invisible Glass Ceramic so unique! It is perfect for first-timers, weekend warriors and professional detailers!

Invisible Glass Ceramic is an extremely tough, heat resistant coating that cross-links to form a covalent bond with your glass that lasts for over a year. It contains polysilazane, an all-natural, organic ceramic, which creates a covalent bond that last over a year on your glass. This hard ceramic coating acts like a clearcoat for your glass that improves visibility and clarity. It prevents dirt, insects, salt and ice from bonding to treated glass making it easier to clean.

Invisible Glass Ceramic is a strong, durable coating that is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals, which can degrade or remove protective coatings. It adds a 400-500 nm thick coating, doubling the hardness of your glass. This strong, durable coating is highly resistant to acid rain, cleaning chemicals and micro-scratching from scrubbing or wiper blades. 

To make application easy, Stoner has added a unique carrying agent designed to flow evenly over your glass, providing excellent workability, so you have more time to apply it, and apply it right!

How to Prep the Glass for Application:

  1. Thoroughly clean all surfaces to be treated with Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner.
  2. For a thorough cleanse and to allow the longest possible durability, use Invisible Glass Glass Stripper to remove the remnants of any old coatings or contaminants that may prevent Invisible Glass Ceramic from bonding to the glass.

How to Apply Stoner Invisible Glass Ceramic:

  1. Control your environment - Do not apply to a hot windshield or in direct sunlight. The best place to apply is inside a controlled environment such as a garage where the vehicle would be protected. Application temperature should be above 40 degrees F.
  2. Treat one small area at a time - Apply to a 2 ft x 2 ft area at a time.
  3. Apply by cross hatching - Apply aproximitely 2 ml to the included applicator pad. Wipe-on in vertical lines across your chosen area and then immediately wipe the same area using horizontal lines to ensure even coverage.
  4. 2-Cloth buffing process - Wait 1 - 5 minutes after application and wipe with the included black microfiber cloth in straight lines to remove 95% of excess product. Then buff with the included grey microfiber cloth in a circular motion until the glass is perfectly smooth. 
  5. After completing one section, repeat steps 2-4 to complete the remining glass.

Application tips: If the coating sits unbuffed for 10 minutes or more, it will completely dry and look streaky and uneven. If you notice any streaking or rainbow effects within 2 - 4 hours after application, simply reapply Invisible Glass Ceramic to the affected area and repeat the 2-cloth buffing process. If you experience smears, rainbows or an uneven appearance after 4 hours, you can strip it off with IG Glass Stripper and start over.

Package Includes:

  • 1 - 30 ml bottle of Invisible Glass Ceramic
  • 1 - Applicator Pad
  • 1 - Black Microfiber Buffing Cloth
  • 1 - Grey Microfiber Buffing Cloth
  • 1 - Pair of Large Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 - Application Guide
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