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Stoner Invisible Glass Glass Stripper

Stoner Invisible Glass Glass Stripper
Stoner Invisible Glass Glass Stripper
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An excellent glass prep for removing baked-on water spots, old rain repellent, road film and environmental contaminants prior to rain repellent or coating application.
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Product Details
  • Excellent surface prep for rain repellent coatings.
  • Removes baked-on water spot, old rain repellent, road film and contaminants.
  • Utilizes mild abrasives for deep cleaning that will not scratch.
  • Kit Includes:
    • 1 - Glass Stripper, 3.28 oz. (100ml)
    • 1 - Applicator Sponge
Stoner developed Invisible Glass Glass Stripper to be the ideal glass surface prep product to use before applying a rain repellent or semi-permanent coating. Properly preparing your glass prior to coating application is key to the coatings longevity. Glass Stripper is excellent at removing contamination before you apply your rain repellent or coating. 

Glass Stripper contains mild abrasives for deep cleaning automotive glass without scratching. It will eliminate baked-on water spots, hard water minerals, silicones, waxes, oils, tar, tree sap, road salt and other grime from glass. It polishes away these contaminants and removes old layers of rain repellent, restoring glass to its original condition.

Removing all surface and environmental contaminants will allow your rain repellent coatings to bond better to your glass. While glass stripper will allow water to sheet off your glass its not recommended you drive with stripped glass. Applying a rain repellent or coating will enhance night and wet weather visibility, allow your wipers to perform better and overall improve driver safety!

How to apply Invisible Glass Glass Stripper:
  1. Clean glass with your favorite glass cleaner.
  2. Apply Glass Stripper to the applicator sponge side.
  3. With applicator sponge, scrub windshield in a small circular motion.
  4. Thoroughly rinse windshield with water after you have completed a section.
  5. Wipe away remaining Glass Stripper with a clean, dry microfiber towel.
Kit Includes: 1 bottle Glass Stripper & 1 Applicator Sponge
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