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ScrapeRite Tradesman Standard Blade Holder | 6 Blades

ScrapeRite Tradesman Standard Blade Holder | 6 Blades
ScrapeRite Tradesman Standard Blade Holder | 6 Blades
Tradesman Series Holder's patent pending design sets the standard for plastic razor blade holders!
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Product Details
  • Holds ScrapeRite Double Edge Straight Blades and is the only type of holder for ScrapeRite Curvey Blades.
  • Patent pending quick blade release system makes blade changes a breeze!
  • Standard size provides extra reach, power and performance.
  • The prestressed curve and extra ribbing increase leverage and torque at the blade edge.
  • Ergonomic sloped palm section makes it comfortable to handle.
  • Trimmed holder corners for more pronounced blade position for better corner reach.
  • Includes Tradesman Standard Holder + 6 Blades: 3 Straight & 3 Curvey.
Scraperite Tradesman Series Blade Holders set the standard for plastic razor blade holders. With their patent pending design, these holders are everything you want in a blade holder! They hold both the ScrapeRite Double Edge Straight and Curvey Blades.

The Standard size blade holder is 6.5 inches long without a blade in it! This extra reach increases the reach, performance and power of your blade. The prestressed curve and thick extra ribbing on the underside of the holder provide increased leverage and torque at the blade edge. Plus, the sloped palm section of the holder makes a smooth connection with the back of your hand for improved comfort!

The corners of Tradesman Series Blade Holders are trimmed back on an angle. This exposes more of the blade's corners, making it more effective in corners and tight spaces. 

The best part of the Tradesman Holders is their patent pending blade release system! This new system makes blade flipping and replacement a breeze! Simply depress the center tab on the top of the holder. The flexibility of the blade allows it to bend just enough to free it from the center locking pin and push it forward. A light pulling motion with your opposite hand frees the blade and allows you to flip it to the other side or replace it with a new blade.

When using the blade and holder, they should both have have the Scraperite logo facing upwards. The best angle of attack with this holder is between 25º and 30º. When inserting or replacing a blade, make sure the Scraperite logo on both the blade and holder are facing upright!
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