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ScanGrip SunMatch 4

ScanGrip SunMatch 4
ScanGrip SunMatch 4
ScanGrip SunMatch 4
ScanGrip SunMatch 4
ScanGrip SunMatch 4
ScanGrip SunMatch 4
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SKU: 03.5657
Weight: 1 lbs 8 ozs
An easy to carry color match or general detailing work light featuring ScanGrip's unique CCT Scan function!
Price: $157.00
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Product Details

  • Features ScanGrip's new CCT Scan function which automatically scans the surface with the entire color spetrum, ranging from 2500K - 6500K.
  • Stepless dimmer function, 10% - 100%.
  • Includes small diffuser to prevent harsh shadows and glare.
  • Easy to carry in the pocket or on your work belt with the built-in clip.
  • Use for color match or as a general detailing work light to highlight and discover defects.
  • 3 year warranty.
The new ScanGrip SunMatch 4 features ScanGrip's unique stepless CCT scan function which automatically scans the surface of the object with the entire color temperature spectrum ranging from 2500K - 6500K. At any point you can lock the CCT Scan function to customize the light to the specific task. This provides for optimum conditions for the most accurate color match and highlighting and discovering paint defects. The SunMatch 4 also features a stepless dimmer function 10% - 100% and a spotlight for inspection is included at the top of the light (4500K).

During the day, the sunlight will have different color temperatures, changing from warm to cold temperatures throughout the day. ScanGrip's new range reflects the entire color temperature spectrum which occurs during the day and offers you to the ability to automatically scan the surface with the entire range of color temperatures, ranging from 2500K to 6500K. The Warm Light (lower Kelvin) is especially useful for bright surfaces. The Cold Light (higher Kelvin) is ideal for dark colored surfaces.

ScanGrip's SunMatch 4 is a handheld rechargeable work light with excellent color rendering properties, for perfect color match. It's easy to carry in your pocket or on your work belt with the built-in clip. The SunMatch 4 is ready at hand for quality checks between prep-zone operations.

The SunMatch 4 includes a small diffuser. The diffuser provides a soft and diffused light without harsh shadows. The diffuser is easily mounted on top of the lens to reduce blinding and reflections. If you lose the diffuser, do not worry! We carry replacement diffusers for the SunMatch 4.

You can place the lamp anywhere you want during inspection with the turnable sturdy hook or the strong built-in magnet. The flexible lamp head tilts up to 180°. The durable construction is dust as well as waterproof, IP65 and is supplied with a solvent resistant glass lens.

The lamp automatically switches to low mode (50%) after 3 minutes of continuous use at high mode to avoid overheating. The charging base is prepared for wall mounting and supplied with a magnet on the bottom side to fix it to the working table.


  • Color Temperature: 2500-6500 Kelvin, Spot 4500K
  • CCT Scan Function
  • Brightness: 500 lumen/250 lumen (step 1/2)
  • Color Rendering Index: 96 CRI+ Spot 95
  • Intensity: 1400/7000 lux@0.5m (step 1/2) Spot 1000
  • Beam Angle: 80° Spot 30°
  • Operating Time: Up to 4h
  • Charging Time: 4h
  • Battery: 3.7V/2600mAh Li-ion
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Temperature: 14°-104°F
  • Net Weight: 10 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 7.5 in. x 1.5 in.
ScanGrip has developed a complete concept of specialized work light solutions designed for the detailing and paint industry. The unique features of the work lights are also specifically designed for accurate color match.

The ScanGrip Detailing concept has embedded all possible needs for effective and specially designed work lights including suspension and stand solutions for both stationary and flexible positioning of the lights.

The ScanGrip Detailing range increases the quality and finish of each operation and reduces the rate of time-consuming and costly re-work. Due to the special LED features, the ScanGrip Detailing range is perfect for any paint, polish, cleaning or prep-zone operation.

The sturdy work lights are designed to resist the extreme demands of the painting workshop environment. The long operating time of the work lights makes it possible to complete a job without interruption of time-consuming recharging.

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