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ScanGrip Essential Kit

ScanGrip Essential Kit
ScanGrip Essential Kit
SKU: 49.0220US
Weight: 8 lbs
Provides a vareiety of ScanGrips two color light function lights in a convenient, shock resistant storage case.
Price: $339.00
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Product Details
  • The essential products you need for effective detailing and color match.
  • Contains the ScanGrip I-Match 2, MiniMatch and MultiMatch R.
  • Each light is designed for different situations.
  • Comes packaged in sturdy nylon case with convenient practical carrying strap.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
The ScanGrip Essential Detailing Light Kit is perfect for mobile detailers as every light can be used without a power cord or shop owner who doesn't want to keep there lights out all the time. The kit includes the I-Match 2 headlamp, MiniMatch and MultiMatch R lights.

This kit features ScanGrip's new All Daylight function on the MultiMatch R as well as their two color light function on the and I-Match 2 and MiniMatch. These features allows you to choose between different color temperatures depending on the type of job at hand. The All Daylight function on the MultiMatch R gives you 5 color temperature options (2500K - 6500K) while the two color light function on the I-Match 2 and MiniMatch gives you two options, 4500K and 6500K.

The MultiMatch R is a handy and powerful light for detailing providing up to 1200 lumen. It is ideal for inspection of large surfaces during polishing, painting and cleaning operations as well as for color match. In situations where the MultiMatch 2 is too big, you can use the MiniMatch. The MiniMatch is a convenient light that can be carried in your pocket or clipped to your belt. When you need a hands free option, turn to the I-Match 2. This convenient headlamp provides superior hands-free illumination for any detailing or color match job. 

If you're looking to upgrade your paint correction setup, this light kit gives you the essential ScanGrip products you need in a convenient storage case.!
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