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Optimum Leather Protectant, 17 oz. (a.k.a. Protectant Plus)

Optimum Leather Protectant, 17 oz. (a.k.a. Protectant Plus)
Optimum Leather Protectant, 17 oz. (a.k.a. Protectant Plus)
SKU: OPT-300
Weight: 1 lbs 9 ozs
Cleans, restores and protects leather, vinyl and exterior trim moldings.
Price: $13.99
Product Details

Optimum Leather Protectant (a.k.a. Protectant Plus) cleans, restores and protects leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces and moldings. Nearly all automotive leather surfaces are treated with special chemicals that provide resistance to scratching and marring, increasing their durability, and providing protection from weathering. The chemistry of vinyl surfaces has improved dramatically as well to give these surfaces the look and feel of leather. These vinyl surfaces are also treated with similar chemicals as those used for automotive leather to increase their durability and to provide protection from weathering. Over the period of a few months, these protective chemicals are lost. Optimum Leather Protectant will clean these surfaces and replenish the protective chemicals they have lost while adding UV protection.


Optimum Leather Protectant contains a balance of cleaners, penetrating sealant polymers, and UV inhibitors that will restore the original color of leather and vinyl surfaces, hide scratches and protect against sun damage. Leather Protectant penetrates and adheres to leather surfaces, so it dries silky to the touch, not oily or greasy, with a satin finish. And since Leather Protectant dries silky, it will repel lint and dust…not attract it.


Simply spray Optimum Leather Protectant directly onto the surface to be treated or onto your towel and wipe into the surface. It is easy to use and does not streak or run. Use Optimum Leather Protectant on leather surfaces, vinyl surfaces, exterior trim and moldings for protection that lasts weeks…not days.
Size: 17 oz.
Optimum Leather Protectant is also available in a 128 oz. gallon size that is labeled as Protectant Plus.
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