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Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo

Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo
Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo
Weight: 3 lbs 8 ozs
The essential products to keep your interior looking clean, crisp and natural.
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The Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo answers the three most commonly asked interior detailing questions. What is good on my dash? What should I use on my leather? What is a good glass cleaner? This one combo answers all these commonly asked questions! 

When a customer asks what to get for their dash, our first recommendation is Nextzett Cockpit Premium. It creates a clean and crisp look on your dash and clear plastics. It contains cleaners and care components that prevent fading and aging over time. Use it on your dash, gauge cluster, navigation and audio screens, shift knob, leatherette and steering wheel to leave a no shine finish with a light, citrus scent.

Another popular question is what should I use on my leather? Nextzett Leather Care Lederpflege cleans, conditions and protects your leather. It will leave your leather with a natural look and feel. It removes built-up grime and prevents your leather from drying and ageing with its unique combination of conditioners and UV protectants.

The third most commonly asked question is, what's the best glass cleaner? Our favorite glass cleaner is Nextzett Scheibenklar Windscreen Clear! Windscreen Clear is an ammonia-free glass cleaner for windshields, mirrors, plastic headlight lens and motorcycle windscreens. You can use Windscreen Clear straight or diluted 1:1.

When it comes to interior detailing, Nextzett offers one of the best line-ups. This Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo will take care of the most frequently asked about interior surfaces! And don't forget to pick up some new microfiber towels. Our Edgeless 350 GSM Microfiber Towels are the perfect option for interior detailing along with some Autofiber No Streak Freaks for glass cleaning!

If you are a professional detailer who is interested in this combo but need larger sizes, we offer Nextzett Cockpit Premium and Nextzett Windscreen Clear Concentrate in the bulk, 10 liter size. 
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