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Nextzett Dash and Interior Trim Combo

Nextzett Dash and Interior Trim Combo
Nextzett Dash and Interior Trim Combo
Weight: 3 lbs 4 ozs
Three great Nextzett products when used together keep your dash and interior trim clean, crisp and protected!
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Product Details
The Nextzett Dash and Trim Combo brings together three outstanding interior products! This combo is perfect for anyone who wants a clean and crisp looking interior!

The Nextzett Dash and Trim Combo includes Nextzett Cockpit Premium, Nextzett Plastik Reiniger Plastic Deep Cleaner and Nextzett Gummi Pflege Stift Rubber Care Stick. With these three products you will be able to clean and protect your dash, interior plastic trim and rubber seals around your doors, windows and trunk lid!

The star of this combo is Nextzett Cockpit Premium! It creates a clean and crisp look on your dash and clear plastics. It contains cleaners and care components that prevent fading and aging over time. Use it on your dash, gauge cluster, navigation and audio screens, shift knob, leatherette and steering wheel to leave a no shine finish with a light, citrus scent.

When you run into stubborn body oil and grime buildup, you will want to reach for Nextzett Deep Plastic Cleaner. Deep Plastic Cleaner is a concentrated deep cleaner that removes grime buildup from interior trim. Use it on your dash, steering wheel, shift knob, armrests and pedals. It is also very effective at removing shoe scuffs from plastic door trim.

When you're thinking about interior trim pieces, do not forget about your door and window seals. Clean your rubber seals with Plastic Deep Cleaner, then treat them with Nextzett Gummi Pflege Stift Rubber Care Stick. Gummi Pflege conditions rubber seals to reduce squeaks, rattles, wind noise and water leaks. Gummi Pflege comes in an easy-to-use shoe polish type applicator, so you do not need any additional applicators.

If you like a clean and crisp looking interior, then this is the combo for you! Pair this combo with some great microfiber towels, such as our Edgeless 350's, and you will have just about everything you need to keep your interior looking clean and crisp!

If you are a professional detailer who likes this combo, but needs more product than a 500 ml spray bottle, we offer Nextzett Cockpit Premium and Nextzett Plastic Deep Cleaner in bulk, 10 liter sizes. 
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