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How to Properly Care for your Microfiber Towels

One of the questions we get asked most often is how do I care for my microfiber towels. Quality towels are costly and to make sure you get the most out of them you need to care for them properly. Let's go over a few things we do to maximize the life of our microfiber towels.

How to Wash:

You may think to just throw all your towels into your washer and use your standard home detergent is the right way to wash them, but you're wrong! Doing so will severely shorten the life and effectiveness of your towels, especially your drying towels. To properly care for your towels there is a proper way to sort them for laundering, a proper order for laundering and also the proper detergent to use. You may think this is a little OCD, and yeah...it is, but it has worked for us for many years so we're going to keep doing it this way!

First, separate your towels into the following three categories:
  1. Drying Towels and Glass Cleaning Towels
  2. Polish Removal and High Quality Towels that touch painted surfaces.
  3. Interior Towels and All Purpose Towels
Now that you have sorted your towels, you will want to launder them in that same order. You will also want to use a microfiber specific detergent such as Micro-Restore or 3D Towel Kleen. These specific detergents help restore the fibers and pro-long the life of your towels. Yes, these detergents make a difference, especially if you plan to keep your towels long term.

Load One - Drying Towels and Glass Cleaning Towels go first. They are lint free and we wash these in cold water.

Load Two - Our Polish Removal and High Quality Paint Towels go second. We wash these in cold water as well.

Load Three - Our Interior Towels and All Purpose Towels go last. These towels will be the dirtiest of the bunch and wash these in warm (not hot) water.

If you have enough towels to do multiple loads of a certain step, launder all of those towels before moving onto your next step. For example, if you have multiple loads of High Quality Paint Towels, launder all of those loads prior to moving onto your Interior and All Purpose Towels.

How to Dry:

All three categories of microfiber towels will be dried the same way. Set your dryer to the LOWEST HEAT setting you have available to you. NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENERS (liquids or sheets). Another thing to watch for (again, our OCD kicking in) is to make sure you don't 'over dry' your towels. Use the lowest heat setting available and pull them out right when they are dry enough to be used again. After your towels are dry enough, fold your towels and put them away in your cabinet or tote.

Don't leave your towels sitting out in the open! Make sure you put them in a protected area for storing. Leaving your towels out in the open allows dust to settle on them, but also leaves them susceptible to non-detailers grabbing them to use around the shop or house! We've seen more good towels go to waste this way!

While all this caution may seem 'excessive' to some, remember, towels are one of your biggest expenses. Following these few easy stops goes a long way in prolonging the life of your microfiber towels and saving you money!