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Meguiar's Professional Paint Decontamination Kit

Meguiar's Professional Paint Decontamination Kit
Meguiar's Professional Paint Decontamination Kit
Weight: 15 lbs 4 ozs
This kit gives the professional everything needed to efficiently and thoroughly decontaminate paint.
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Product Details
  • Everything you need to chemically and mechanically decontaminate the paint.
  • A must, prior to any paint correction!
  • Meets OSHA requirements with properly labeled secondary bottles.
  • Includes:
    • Meguiar's D1801 Wheel & Paint Iron Decon, 128 oz.
    • Meguiar's D155 Last Touch Detail Spray, 32 oz.
    • Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Mild Clay Bar, 200g
    • Meguiar's D1801 Wheel & Paint Iron Decon Secondary Bottle
    • Autoality Edgeless 400 GSM Microfiber Towel, 12-pk.
    • Tolco Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer
After you are finished washing the car, your detail can proceed in many different ways. If your plan is to correct the paint then your next step is Paint Decontamination. This is when you chemically and mechanically remove bonded surface contaminants from your paint which is an absolute MUST.

To fully decontaminate your paint, you need to perform a combination of chemical and mechanical decontamination. Meguiar's D1801 Wheel and Paint Iron Decon handles the chemical decontamination. It works below the surface level of the paint to remove bonded iron and ferrous metals.

Mechanical decontamination removes bonded contaminants that are above the paint's surface. This is when the Meguiar's Mild Clay Bar and D155 Last Touch are used. Last Touch works as your lubricant, allowing the clay bar to safely move across the surface shearing off contaminants. Once you have finished the paint will feel as smooth as glass!

Decontaminating the paint is a MUST prior to machine polishing! The last thing you want is for a non-designed abrasive getting stuck in your pad. That will not only make your polish job more difficult, but could induce deep damage into the paint surface that cannot be polished out.

Decontaminating the paint is also highly recommended if your next step is straight to applying your protection (wax, sealant, hyrbrid) since it will allow for a better bond between your paint and protection, extending the durability of the product applied.

How to use our Meguiar's Professional Paint Decontamination Kit:
  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle.
  2. Spray Meguiar's D1801 Wheel and Paint Iron Decon onto a dry surface.
  3. Allow to dwell 3-5 minutes. During this time the product will begin to turn a purpleish-red. 
  4. Rinse with a strong jet of water and dry the car.
  5. Working in small sections, liberally spray Last Touch Detailer onto the surface and gently rub the clay bar across the surface.
  6. Work the section until the clay bar easily glides across the surface. Make sure to knead your clay after every section and pick out any large particles.
  7. Once all contaminants have been removed, use the included microfiber towels to remove any traces of Last Touch.
  8. Continue section by section with the clay bar around the entire car.
  9. Once completed wash and dry the entire car to remove any remaining residue.
  10. You are now ready to move onto the next step in your detail.
The Meguiar's Professional Paint Decontamination Kit gives you everything you need to efficiently and properly decontaminate the paint.
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