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Meguiar's M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0 - 16 oz.

Meguiar's M21 Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0 - 16 oz.
SKU: M2116
Weight: 1 lbs 3 ozs
Hydrophobic Polymers Technolgy provides amazing gloss and water beading.
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Product Details
Meguiars Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0 (#21) formulation provides technologically advanced paint care and protection. Synthetic Sealant 2.0 produces a noticeably deeper, darker, and more reflective paint finish. Synthetic polymers deliver extreme protection, visually eliminating fine scratches and swirls, creating a flawless show car finish. Synthetic Polymer Sealant 2.0 glides on easy and wipes off smooth and resistance-free.

Directions: Shake well. Apply Meguiar's Synthetic Sealant 2.0 out of direct sunlight to a clean, dry and cool surface. Using a clean microfiber applicator, apply Synthetic Sealant 2.0 evenly over a small section (2 x 2). Allow Synthetic Sealant 2.0 to dry to a haze and wipe off the residue with a clean, dry microfiber cloth such as our Ultra-Plush Microfiber Buffing Cloth. Avoid applying to vinyl, rubber, and cloth surfaces.
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