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Meguiar's DMC3 - 3" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc, 2-pk.

Meguiar's DMC3 - 3" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc, 2-pk.
Meguiar's DMC3 - 3" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc, 2-pk.
Weight: 0 lbs 2 ozs
New microfiber disc technology refines surface to a high gloss finish.
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Product Details
  • Designed specifically to work with Meguiar's D300 Microfiber Correction Compound.
  • Increases the cutting ability of your DA polisher.
Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Disc are the premier microfiber pad on the market. Although they were originally developed to work specifically with Meguiar's D300 Microfiber Correction Compound, these microfiber cutting discs work great with any compound! When used on the Meguiar's MT300, Porter Cable 7424XP or comparable DA polisher, these pads will dramatically increase your cutting ability. They also work very well with Rupes Polishers.

The unique microfiber face of these pads is what really makes these pads aggressive. Unlike foam, where product tends to soak into the pad, microfiber pads keep your compound or polish right on the surface of the pad. This feature, when combined with the firm cutting foam interface, allows more of the abrasive in your compound to come in contact with your paint, allowing you to achieve much great cutting ability with your machine.

For maximum cutting at all times, clean the microfiber disc frequently using compressed air, a pad cleaning bush or a pad washer. This is a very critical step and something many causal DA users often overlook with foam pads. With microfiber pads it is imperative that you clean the pads often and thoroughly. Compressed air works great, but a good pad brush will do wonder too. It takes just a couple of seconds and the rewards are huge! These pads are microfiber and microfiber is designed to hold on to stuff. If you pick up a bit of foreign matter or you don't clean the pads and product starts to clump or dry, you do run the risk of creating pigtails in the surface. But this is very easy to avoid, just clean the pad after every, or every other, section. I cannot stress this enough! Once you clean the pad, you will see the fiber fluff back up.

Size: 3 Inch

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