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McKee's 37 Glass Coating

McKee's 37 Glass Coating
McKee's 37 Glass Coating
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Product Details
  • A super-hydrophobic nano-glass ceramic coating.
  • Water beads up and rolls off at speeds above 30 mph.
  • Makes snow and ice removal effortless.
  • Lasts up to one year.
McKee's 37 Glass Coating is a super-hydrophobic nano-glass coating that creates an extremely hard, crystal-clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces. Nano-glass ceramic particles fill in the microscopic pits, pores and craters on your vehicle's glass, making the glass perfectly smooth. Treated glass is then impenetrable to environmental contaminants while exhibiting super-hydrophobic properties! Water will bead up and roll off at speeds above 30 mph while snow and ice will be effortless to remove.

McKee's 37 Glass Coating has been tested in South Florida, one of the most rainfall ridden parts of the country. So when they say one application will last up to one year, you know it will!

Applying a glass coating to your windshield makes driving in the rain safer and cleaning easier. With McKee's 37 Glass Coating rain will bead up and roll off your windshield at speeds above 30 mph. Plus, coated windshields repel airborne contaminants, dirt and oil keeping your windshield cleaner, longer!

Application is very easy. Simply spray the coating onto the glass and evenly spread with a foam applicator. Allow it to self-level for 2 minutes and then lightly buff with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Our Edgeless 350 GSM Microfiber Towels are an excellent choice for this task!

McKee's 37 Glass Coating is one of the best investments you can make in car care!

How to apply McKee's 37 Glass Coating:
  1. Ensure the glass is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  2. If necessary, polish the glass first.
  3. Spray McKee's 37 Glass Coating directly onto the surface and evenly distribute using a foam applicator.
  4. All product to setup for 2 minutes then lightly buff with a clean, dry, lint-free microfiber towel. Do not apply any pressure to the towel while performing this step.
Size: 4 oz.
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