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Lake Country Hybrid Wool Pad, 3.25"

Lake Country Hybrid Wool Pad, 3.25"
SKU: HYB-80-1
Weight: 0 lbs 2 ozs
Hybrid Wool Pads have more nanofoam particles and are denser than purple foamed wool pads, resulting in better cutting ability and less shedding.
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Product Details
  • Denser with more nanofoam particles than Purple Foam Wool Pads
  • Aggressive, capable of removing P1500 grit scratches
  • Resists caking, matting and shedding
Hybrid Wool Pads are Lake Country's top of the line synthetic wool pad. Hybrid Wool pads utilize Lake Country's patented nanofoam process which encapsulates the base of the lambswool fibers with microscopic polyfoam particles. This same technology is used in Lake Country's Purple Foam Wool Pads, however the Hybrid Pas are denser and contain more nanofoam particles to prevent the wool from flattening down too much.

Hybrid Wool Pads cut like natural sheepskin pads, but finish like a foam pad. They are capable of removing P1500 grit scratches, while leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing. The foamed fibers resist caking and matting. This foaming process also creates minute air pockets at the base of the fibers, improving cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes.Since the wool fibers on the Hybrid Wool Pads are synthetic, you get more consistent pad performance than with natural sheepskin pads.

Size: 3.25" x 1"
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"Love the hybrid wool for either DA or rotary cutting" Purchased from Autoality

on 5/15/2018 8:09:43 AM

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Review: Really versatile pad, you can use it with a heavy hitter smat compound like hyper compound, a diminishing like jescar, clear cut, the last cut, griots fast correcting, or even an intermediate cut like Hyper Intensive polish if that’s what works. They don’t lint like the older purples did right away, and provides a fast cut with proper technique, without inducing excess heat. Highly recommend.