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Gyeon Q2 One - 30 ml

Gyeon Q2 One - 30 ml
Gyeon Q2 One - 30 ml
SKU: GY-0073
Weight: 1 lbs 12 ozs
The ideal coating for the DIY detailing enthusiast that offers application as easy as a natural wax, gloss like a real glaze and durability/resistance like a regular coating.
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Product Details
  • The ideal coating for the DIY detailing enthusiast.
  • Great self-cleaning ability increases the amount of time between maintenance washes.
  • High water contact angle of over 110º.
  • Does not require any special equipment.
  • Box Contains: Q2 One 30ml, Q2M Cure 100ml, Manual, Applicator, 4 Suede Cloths.
Gyeon Q2 One brings the benefits of all forms of protection together while requiring no special equipment, transforming your garage into a detailing studio. Q2 One meets the expectations of detailing enthusiasts. Its as easy to apply as a natural wax, glossy like real glaze, durable and resistant as regular coatings.

One of its key characteristics it its excellent self-cleaning ability. This ability will significantly extend your time between maintenance washes and make those washes a lot easier and safer. 

Q2 One offers superb water beading! It's water contact angle of 110º results in spectacular water behavior and helps reduce the need for regular maintenance washing.

Q2 One cures fast (in as little as 1 hour) and requires no special equipment, transforming your garage into a detailing studio!

How to apply Gyeon Q2 One:
  1. Thoroughly prep your vehicle...wash, decontaminate, correct and then prep wipe.
  2. Shake bottle of Q2 One well!
  3. Apply a thick layer of Q2 One in a criss-cross motion. If needed do a second criss-cross application to achieve a perfectly even layer.
  4. Split larger panels into sections.
  5. Wipe off immediately with an absorbent towel (10-30 seconds) after applying to the entire panel. Wipe off carefully, do not leave any streaks or smudges. Your dry time will vary within the range depending on your climate. 
  6. Let Q2 One dry for at least 1 hour. 
  7. Wipe off with the included Q2M Cure before starting use of the car. Spray Q2M Cure onto a soft microfiber towel, not directly onto the paint/coating.
  8. The car is completely dried after 24 hours. Only after that time can the car be driven. 
  9. Do not wash the car within the first 14 days.
Pro Tip: Work with reflected light. It will make streaks or smudges more visible and will help eliminate them. A ScanGrip MultiMatch 3 or MultiMatch 8 with a matching ScanGrip Diffuser is ideal for this tip!

Size: 30 ml
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