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Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light, 30 ml

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light, 30 ml
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The best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from a prosumer grade product.
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Product Details
  • The best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from a prosumer grade product.
  • Forms a high-gloss, slick-to-the-touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic.
  • Resistant to chemicals pH2 - pH12.
  • 3 - 5 years durability
Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Light is the prosumer version of the world famous Gtechniq Accredited Detailer only Crystal Serum - a coating so hard that if applied incorrectly can only be removed by using 1,500 grit sand paper.

Serum Light offers 80% of Professional Serum's performance, but if applied incorrectly can be machine polished from your vehicle's paintwork.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is the pinnacle of paint protection. Serum Light forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. The high density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 - pH12. Unlike mainstream wax and organic polymer coatings, Serum Light can resist much higher and lower temperatures, as low as -40°C to as high as 250°C.

Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be a breeze. Bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots can be easily removed.

When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls and contaminant and dirt repellency, Gtechniq Serum Light is the pinnacle of paint protection.

Application Information:
  • To apply Serum Light, your vehicle must be indoors and it must remain indoors for at least 12 hours after application.
  • Ambient working conditions must be above 38°F and below 77°F.
  • Properly wash, decontaminate, then polish your paintwork to remove any bonded contaminants and paint defects.
  • The most important step...after getting your surface ready for application, thoroughly wipe down all the surfaces to be coated with Gtechniq Panel Wipe. Make sure to use a new, clean, dry microfiber towel for this step.
  • Use the gloves proved to prevent Serum Light from coming into contact with your skin.
  • Soak the included application pad with two full measure from the pipette and work the Serum Light into the applicator to get an even application.
  • Replace the lid on the bottle and set aside - do not keep the bottle in your hand as this promotes premature curing.
  • Apply Serum Light in overlapping strokes to a small panel or half a larger panel.
  • After coating the section you are working on, begin to remove any residue with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Always remove from further than you have applied, working from the outside in. It is essential to check for residue.
  • You may need to buff the same section several times to remove residue. It is recommended you have two microfiber towels at your disposal for residue removal.
  • When removing residue, have a bright, but diffues light source is recommended for spotting coating residue.
  • Do not buff with too much force as this can spoil the surface your are protecting.
  • Take care that the microfiber towels you are using are rotated sufficiently and quickly so that Serum Light does not partially cure in the towel.
  • If you miss removing residue and it cures fully, you should re-polish this area and reapply Serum Light.
  • Use Serum Light within 1 year of purchasing and once opened, use within 3 months.
  • Store opened bottles in a dry and cool storage area that is out of direct sunlight.
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