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Flex XCE 8-125 18.0 Cordless Forced Rotation Dual Action Polisher | Tool Only

Flex XCE 8-125 18.0 Cordless Forced Rotation Dual Action Polisher | Tool Only
Flex XCE 8-125 18.0 Cordless Forced Rotation Dual Action Polisher | Tool Only
SKU: 463019
Weight: 8 lbs 10 ozs
A cordless, forced rotation polisher expertly designed for detailers!
Price: $499.99
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Product Details
  • 8mm throw, gear-driven, forced rotation cordless dual action polisher.
  • Cordless design for more flexibility and comfort.
  • New brushless motor.
  • Optimized air flow for cooler operation.
  • Included in the set:
    • (1) Flex XCE 8-125 18.0-EC Cordless Polisher
    • (1) 5" Hook and loop backing plate, installed
The new Flex XCE 8-125 is built upon the same core feature of its predecessor, the Flex 3401. Just like the original Flex 3401, the new Flex XCE 8-125 is an 8mm throw, gear-driven, forced rotation dual action polisher that provides a high level of cutting power without leaving holograms behind. But that's where the similarities stop! The new XCE has all the features today's detailers need! Out are the cord, the metal housing and the brushes! In are a cordless design, optimized air flow for cooling the motor, a brushless motor for greater efficiency, a 5 inch backing plate and smoother operation!

The biggest, and most noticeable, change is the absence of a cord. The new XCE continues Flex's move into cordless polishers which are more convenient to use. There's no more hassle of moving and re-positioning the cord. This not only makes your work space safer and more efficient, it also allows you to use the machine more freely. In designing the XCE, Flex has reduced the distance from the gear head to the surface. This, along with its cordless design, allows you to use the machine safely in any position. And with the ergonomically designed soft grip hood, you can polish with precision while feeling comfortable with a secure grip.

Changing out the brushes in your polisher has always been a hassle. With its new brushless motor, the Flex XCE allows you to focus more on polishing and less on the polisher. That's because the brushless motor allows for greater efficiency and a longer service life. The less time you have to spend on maintenance the more time you have to polish!

The metal housing on the Flex 3401 tended to get very hot while in use, however the new Flex XCE has corrected that problem with its optimized air flow. The new optimized air flow technology keeps the motor and gear cool along with eliminating annoying exhaust air for the user. By reducing the heat created by the motor and gear, the XCE creates very little heat on the surface. This makes it ideal for polishing temperature sensitive paints!

One of the reasons long throw, 21mm and 15mm, polishers have become so popular is they are very smooth to operate. This reduced the amount of fatigue experienced by the user. The new Flex XCE has significantly reduced the amount of vibration! Now you can have all the benefits of a forced rotation polisher with a similar level of smoothness as a long throw polisher!

The batteries used in the XCE are the same 18V batteries used in the Flex Cordless XFE Long Throw Polisher and Cordeless PE 150 Rotary Polisher. They have the capacity indicator to tell you how much power is left along with stay cool technology so the batteries don't get hot. If you already have Flex 18V batteries, then this is the one you want!

The XCE comes with a 5" factory backing plate. 5.5" pads are the most popular size in the detailing industry today and the XCE comes ready to work with the pads you probably already have.

When it comes to designing polishers, Flex has expertly created machines to meet the needs of today's detailers!

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