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DuraSlic Glass and Trim Wipes - 10ct

DuraSlic Glass and Trim Wipes - 10ct
DuraSlic Glass and Trim Wipes - 10ct
Weight: 0 lbs 11 ozs
A revolutionary ceramic nanocoating in an easy-to-apply wipe for glass and trim!
Price: $45.00
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Product Details
  • A revolutionary ceramic nanocoating based on proven DuraSlic technology.
  • Easy to apply coating for glass and trim.
  • Makes water shed faster and optimizes wiper efficiency on glass.
  • Adds hydrophobicity and restores depth on vehicle trim.

DuraSlic Glass and Trim Wipes make coating your glass and trim easier than ever! These pre-moistened wipes come saturated with the same quality as DuraSlic's other chemical formulations for ultimate protection and restoration of glass and trim for years to come. The wipes apply to glass streak free and restores depth to trim surfaces for a showroom look!

Application Instructions:

  1. Thoroughly clean glass or trim with DuraSlic Glass and Panel Prep to ensure a residue free surface and allow to completely dry.
  2. Wearing gloves, open 1 pack and wipe surface using a crosshatch pattern.
  3. Move to a new pack when wipe becomes dry or soiled.
  4. After application, wait 90 seconds or until a rainbow appears on the surface, then wipe with a clean, dry microfiber towel to remove any excess residue.

Note: Surface is tack dry in 20 minutes, however keep dry for 24 hours if possible. Do not clean for 4 days after application.

Qty: 10ct Box

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