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DuraSlic DS 1200 Wheel and Rim Coating - 60 ml

DuraSlic DS 1200 Wheel and Rim Coating - 60 ml
DuraSlic DS 1200 Wheel and Rim Coating - 60 ml
SKU: DS-1200
Weight: 1 lbs
A revolutionary, hand-sprayed, ceramic coating that provides a level of repellency and toughness unlike any other wheel coating on painted, coated and bare metal wheels!
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Product Details
  • Forms molecular bond with wheel surfaces to repel water, brake dust, oils, tar for a "self-cleaning" effect.
  • Temperature resistant up to 500 F for up to 4 years of durability on wheels and calipers.
  • Flexible coating with high film hardness which is significantly harder than OEM coatings.
  • Creates a clear, glossy finish.

DuraSlic DS 1200 is a revolutionary, hand-sprayed, ceramic coating based on proven NanoSlic technology. It is specifically formulated to give unprecedented protection to all types of automotive and truck wheels including painted, coated and bare metal wheels.

DS 1200 will protect wheels from brake dust, oils, tar and impart a self cleaning effect. It bonds chemically to wheel surfaces to form a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer that resists UV and chemical degradation. Wheels coated with DuraSlic DS 1200 will have an enhanced gloss that stands up to repeated cleaning!

Due to DS 1200's ultra-high temperature resistance, it can be used to protect brake calipers. It's robust, abrasion resistant surface offers a wheels a level of repellency and toughness unlike any other wheel coating!

How to apply DuraSli DS 1200 Wheel & Rim Coating:

Surface Preparation:

  1. Thoroughly clean the wheel to remove loose paint, dust, dirt, rust, grease, wax, other coatings, etc. An aggressive brush and cleaner may be necessary. You are essentially applying a new layer of clear coat, so clean the wheel accordingly. Whatever contaminants are on the wheel will be locked by DuraSlic DS 1200.
  2. Wash with soap and water to ensure all particles have been removed. Rinse and dry completely.
  3. Wipe thoroughly with DuraSlic Glass and Panel Prep and dry.
  4. One completely dry, mask-off surrounding areas with painter's tape or masking tape to protect from overspray.

DS 1200 Application:

  1. Follow the directions for assembly of the Preval Professional Spray Kit which is included in the box.
  2. Hold can parallel and keep 10-12 inches from the surface using an even, sweeping motion. Start while the spray is pointed away from the object and then move toward the surface to be coated. Overlap parallel layers slightly. If the surface curved or other, follow that shape.
  3. Apply 1 light coating, followed by 2-3 more medium wet coats to build desired coating thickness. Allow coating to dry 1 minute between each coat.
    • 1 Coat = 1-4 microns
    • 2 Coats = 4-7 microns
    • 3 Coats = 7-10 microns
    • 4 Coats = 10-14 microns
  4. Carefully remove tape while the last coat is still wet to achieve clean lines.
  5. Right after coating, wheels should be stored away from dust. If the wheels are coated on the car/truck, keep the vehicle indoors away from dust until cured.
  6. DS 1200 will dry tack free in 30 minutes. DO NOT disturb the coating or re-coat during this time. Vehicle can be driven after 12 hours. Allow at least 48 hours after last coat for full cure at room temperature before washing!


  1. After use, clear spray nozzle by inverting can and spray until clear gas comes out. Remove product bottle before inverting.
  2. If spray nozzle becomes logged, lean and rinse with solvent. DO NOT insert pics into nozzle or stem.
  3. Discard mask and empty can in trash. DO NOT burn, incinerate or place can in trash compactor.


  1. DS 1200 must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 1 week before attempting a recoat.
  2. The coating is repellent in nature, all surfaces coated with DS 1200 must be lightly sanded to allow for a new layer to bond.
  3. Follow above application steps for a recoat.

Size: 60 ml

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