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Buff and Shine 192MFP | 1" Uro-Fiber Pad - 6-pk

Buff and Shine 192MFP | 1" Uro-Fiber Pad - 6-pk
Buff and Shine 192MFP | 1" Uro-Fiber Pad - 6-pk
Weight: 0 lbs 5 ozs
One microfiber pad for cutting, polishing and finishing.
Price: $29.99
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Product Details
  • Unique patent-pending design allows one pad to be used for cutting, polishing and finishing.
  • Two different grades of micro fiber are stitched into the pad surface.
  • Low profile, 3/8" design and 25% lower microfiber knap.
  • Built with the finest material available.
  • Can be used with any style dual-action or random orbital polisher.
Are you ready for the most versatile pad available on the market? Buff and Shine's latest offering, Uro-Fiber pads, are an improvement on the recent trend of microfiber pad technology. The Uro-Fiber Pad is newly designed to maximize the benefits we have already seen in microfiber buffing pads. The patent-pending design of Buff and Shine's Uro-Fiber Pad makes these pad unlike anything you've ever used before.

The uniqueness starts with the pads shorter knap, which is 25% lower than a traditional microfiber pad. Also, the black and white fibers are not just a color gimmick; there are actually two different grades of micro fiber stitched into this pad surface. The shorter knap and the blended fibers create a pad that is truly all-in-one. You can cut, polish and finish with this pad. It is recommended you use a clean Uro-Fiber pad for each polishing step, not just the one pad for all three.

The low profile design of these pads allow them to be used with virtually any polisher. Although it was designed with long-throw or high-action polishers in mind, they work perfectly with all types of dual-action and random orbital polishers. The total thickness of the pad is 3/8", which conforms to the work ability needs of modern polishers. The white foam is constructed of the highest rated open cell foam, allowing for working large flat areas as well as along contoured surfaces. The center cooling chamber prevents excessive heat from building up.

Just like all of Buff and Shine's pads, these pads will excel in durability due to the finest materials being used during construction. They include the highest rated heat-resistant and chemical-resistant adhesives that hold the components of the pad together, even under the most grueling polishing sessions. 

Once you are finished, just wash them and they'll be ready to use again. Uro-Fiber Pads come in an array of sizes so they can be used with all of the newest polishing "toys". Sizes include 6", 5", 3", 2" and 1".

Size: 1"
WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - P65Warning
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