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Autofiber Wheel Flip - Black, 6-pk.

Autofiber Wheel Flip - Black, 6-pk.
Autofiber Wheel Flip - Black, 6-pk.
Weight: 0 lbs 14 ozs
The innovative design to the Wheel Flip protects your hand and keeps your towel from accidentally dragging on the ground while making your wheel cleaning process faster.
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Product Details
  • An innovative take on a wheel towel.
  • Makes your wheel cleaning process faster and more efficient.
  • Use it as a mitt or towel
  • True MicroEdge banding.
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 300 gsm
    • Size: 8" x 8"
    • Blend: 80/20
The Wheel Flip combines Autofiber's innovative "flip" design with a high quality, medium pile, 300 gsm terry microfiber towel. The dark black towel is particularly suited for wheels. The black color means the microfiber towel never stains while the "flip" design makes your wheel cleaning process faster and more efficient.

The proper technique for using a 16" x 16" microfiber towel is to fold it twice so you have eight distinct wiping sides. The Wheel Flip is pre-folded and sewn into an 8" x 8" shape, with four distinct sections and eight sides for wiping your wheel. The pre-sewn design prevent your wheel towel from unfolding accidentally and dragging on the ground. 

You can use it as a mitt or as a towel. Stick you hand inside it for better control or hold it from the outside while it keeps its proper shape. The pre-folded design allows you to access tight and narrow rim areas without the fear of your towel dragging on the ground.

The black microfiber will bleed, so make sure to keep it away from your other towels when washing. And besides, you should always wash your wheel towels separately anyway.

Qty: 6
Made in China
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