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Autofiber Mitt on a Stick Pro Kit

Autofiber Mitt on a Stick Pro Kit
Autofiber Mitt on a Stick Pro Kit
Weight: 8 lbs 4 ozs
With its unique design and features, this revolutionary new take on the traditional car wash mop makes washing large and tall vehicles a breeze!
Price: $79.99
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Product Details
  • Great wash tool for tall and large vehicles.
  • Aluminum head locks at multiple angles.
  • Locks front-to-back independently.
  • Rotates front-to-back as you clean.
  • Includes removeable microfiber chenille cover.
  • Total Length: 61 inches

Autofiber's Mitt On A Stick (MOAS) Pro is a revolutionary new take on on the traditional car wash mop. With its unique design and features, cleaning large and tall vehicles is now a breeze! You can wash every inch of your tall vehicle without the need for a step stool or ladder!

Autofiber's MOAS starts with a sturdy, three piece sectional pole. The aluminum pole has full foam grip for easy handling. The end piece that attaches to the aluminum head has an 8 degree bend for increased reach and user control.

The aluminum head it what makes MOAS truly unique! The head locks into place at multiple angles, providing the versatility you need to wash every surface with ease. With its ability to lock front-to-back, you can adjust the head to access every inch of your vehicle!

MOAS Pro comes with a premium microfiber chenille cover which is the best all-around wash cover for MOAS. The microfiber chenille noodles have gentle scrubbing ability and easily release dirt and grit in your rinse bucket. The cover is removeable, changeable and launderable. It fully wraps around the foam on the aluminum head and firmly snaps into place. 

All of the available MOAS microfiber covers are easy to clean and maintain. Simply remove the cover, wash it in your washing machine with Micro-Restore Detergent and it's ready to use again. This feature ensures your cover is always clean and hygienic, providing a clean, scratch-free wash every time.

Mitt on a Stick Pro is the perfect solution for any detailer looking for a fast, efficient, and scratch-free way to wash large or tall vehicles.

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