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Angelwax Lumiosity QED - 500 ml

Angelwax Lumiosity QED - 500 ml
Angelwax Lumiosity QED - 500 ml
SKU: ANG50115
Weight: 1 lbs 8 ozs
Specially designed quick exterior detailer for matte paint finishes and matte wrapped vehicles. Leaves paint looking dull and lustreless.
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Product Details
  • Designed specifically for matte vehicle finishes.
  • Excellent cleaning properties.
  • Leaves surfaces looking dull and lustreless.
Matte vehicle finishes require special detailing chemicals that are free from waxes and silicones and that provide the ability to clean and protect the bodywork without damaging the matte surface. Luminosity QED is Angelwax's "Quick Exterior Detailer" designed specifically for matte paintwork and matte wrapped vehicles.

Luminosity QED's unique formula is gentle on matte surfaces, yet leaves them dull and lustreless while having excellent cleaning properties to ensure a matte, gloss-free finish. It is pH neutral and will not damage your base layer of protection.

How to use Angelwas Luminosity QED:
  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle.
  2. Spray Luminosity QED onto the surfaces of the vehicle and buff with a microfiber towel to ensure a dull finish.
Size: 500 ml
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