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Angelwax Enigma Wax - 33 ml

Angelwax Enigma Wax - 33 ml
Weight: 0 lbs 7 ozs
A ceramic infused detailing wax offering significant self-cleaning properties along with outstanding gloss, durability and ease of use.
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Product Details
  • A ceramic infused detailing wax.
  • Angelwax's most advanced wax to date.
  • Makes the surface completely smooth and very durable.
  • Offers significant self-cleaning properties combined with outstanding gloss and ease of use.
Angelwax Enigma Wax is the ultimate hand applied detailing wax. Enigma was created in the Angelwax laboratory using only the finest natural raw materials and the most technologically advanced ceramic components. Enigma can only be described as Angelwax's most advanced wax to date.

A standard detailing wax will sit on your vehicle's surface after application and will be micro porous in nature. The complex ceramic components used in Enigma manipulate the micro pores found in this type of detailing wax, making the surface completely smooth and less likely to be compromised by the many contaminants in our environment. 

The result of this innovative formulation is a wax that has significant self-cleaning properties, combined with outstanding gloss, spectacular durability and ease of use.

How to use Angelwax Enigma Wax:
  1. Apply to a cool, clean and well prepared vehicle.
  2. Apply Enigma Wax with a clean wax applicator to one panel at a time.
  3. Allow the wax to cure for a couple minutes.
  4. Remove with a clean, dry microfiber towel
  5. Never apply to a hot surface or in direct sunlight!
Size: 33 ml Sample Pot
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