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Angelwax Enigma Shampoo - 500 ml

Angelwax Enigma Shampoo - 500 ml
Angelwax Enigma Shampoo - 500 ml
SKU: ANG51907
Weight: 1 lbs 9 ozs
A ceramic infused shampoo for maintaining any coating or wax.
Price: $22.99
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Product Details
  • Wash infused with ceramic molecules.?
  • Adds an additional layer of ceramic protection.
  • Use over any existing coating or wax.
  • Can be used in a foam cannon.
Angelwax Enigma Shampoo is part of the unique Enigma range of ceramic detailing products. Enigma shampoo has been infused with ceramic molecules that will bond to the vehicle and form a protective coating over its surface. With excellent cleaning ability, Enigma Shampoo also adds an additional layer of ceramic protection on top of your existing wax or ceramic coating. This additional layer will further enhance the appearance of your vehicle and increase the life of the coating.

All Enigma ceramic detailing products can be used with Enigma Ceramic Wax and on top of other ceramic coatings. It has been rigorously tested in the Angelwax laboratory and by the best detailers in the business to ensure they have formulated another perfect product for your vehicle.

How to use Angelwax Enigma Shampoo:
  1. Add 3 - 4 capfuls of Enigma Shampoo to a bucket of water.
  2. Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry the vehicle.
  3. Can also be applied with a foam cannon.
Size: 500 ml
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