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Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating - 30 ml

Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating - 30 ml
Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating - 30 ml
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Formulated to be an easy Titanium Ceramic Coating designed specifically to hold up great on wheels.
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Product Details
Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating is an easy-to-use titanium coating designed specifically for alloy wheels and brake calipers. Formulated with ease of use in mind, Enigma Legacy can be applied in minutes to wheels and calipers by both the professional detailer and the detailing enthusiast alike. 

Unlike regular ceramic coatings, Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper does not need to cure using infra-red lighting. Once applied, it will protect the surface from harmful fallout and contamination thus making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

How to apply Angelwax Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper Coating:
  1. Make sure your wheels and/or calipers are cool to the touch.
  2. Thoroughly clean each wheel to remove any traces of brake dust.
  3. If necessary, polish the wheels.
  4. Prior to coating application you must strip your wheels and calipers of any remaining waxes, oils and polishing residues with Angelwax Stripped Ease.
  5. Apply Enigma Legacy to your wheel or caliper in a straight line motion.
  6. Allow to cure for 2 minutes, adjusting the cure time for ambient air temperature. If its cooler, allow a little extra time. If its warmer, shorten the cure time.
  7. On your initial removal wipe, you will want to wipe in a circular motion.
  8. Switch to a clean, dry microfiber and wipe in a the same straight line motion used to apply the coating.
  9. Allow to cure 12 hours
Size: 30 ml
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