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5.5 inch Lake Country HDO Red Waxing Pad

5.5 inch Lake Country HDO Red Waxing Pad
SKU: HDO-13550
Weight: 0 lbs 3 ozs
The ideal choice for application of your favorite wax or sealant.
Price: $13.99
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Product Details
  • Great for waxing and sealing the paint..
  • Designed specifically for use on Long-Throw polishers.
  • HDO Pads run 10% cooler than comparable pads.
  • Perfectly balanced for optimum machine control.
  • Pad Face: 5.5"
  • Hook & Loop Backing: 5"
The Red HDO Waxing Pad is the ideal choice for last step protection. The larger cell structure of the Red pad allows for better sealant or wax control.

Lake Country's HDO line of foam and fiber pads are designed for use on Long-Throw polishers such as the Flex XFE and Griot's Garage BOSS polishers. Since these type of polishers create more heat than traditional DA polishers, a line of pads that are designed to better disperse heat was needed. In steps Lake Country's HDO line of pads. The HDO series of pads run 10% cooler on Long-Throw polishers than comparable pads. 

To run 10% cooler, Lake Country engineered many unique features into these pads. They all have a center cooling chamber to prevent the center of the pad from concaving. They are perfectly balanced for optimum machine control. They have increased stability from their multi-density design. The multi-density layered foam construction provides a smooth bold feel while maintaining the integrity of the foam for optimum surface contact. This allows improved control on curved panels. This design also lessens foam movement which minimizes haze and micro marring. 

The pads have a reduced diameter and slim profile that provides an evenly distributed point of contact for ultimate balance and control. HDO pads have an engineered bevel and integrated interface. This combination keeps the adhesion line away from the working surface for safe use in tight areas. You will find these pads are quick to clean and dry.

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