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Edgeless 320GSM Microfiber Towel | Light Blue | 16" x 16" | 300-pk

Edgeless 320GSM Microfiber Towel | Light Blue | 16" x 16" | 300-pk
Edgeless 320GSM Microfiber Towel | Light Blue | 16" x 16" | 300-pk
Weight: 35 lbs
Value priced microfiber towels designed specifically for detailers!
Price: $229.99
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Product Details

  • Two short pile sides.
  • Size: 16 inch x 16 inch
  • Density: 320 GSM
  • Blend: 80/20 (Polyester/Polyamide)
  • Made in China
Our new Edgeless 320 GSM towels were designed to provide detailers with the ultimate value! When you find a value priced towel, it's generally because the towel has been designed for general use, not specifically for detailing. Not here! We designed these towels to be exactly what detailers need from a value priced towel!

Our Edgeless 320 GSM Microfiber Towels offer two short pile sides and an ultrasonic cut edge. They are safe on all of your cars surfaces, both exterior and interior, and the towel won't roll under itself! This edgeless design is preferred by detailers as its safer to use on delicate surfaces! The towels are also tagless, so there's no sticky residue that could be left behind.

When we set out to create our new series of microfiber towels, we knew we had to create high quality microfiber towels that would meet the needs of professional detailers every time they reached for one! To accomplish this we needed towels that would be consistent from order to order. And this proved to be a bigger challenge than we anticipated! 

When we started this process we began by testing a lot of different towels, but the first batch of samples never really matched the second or third set we received. The consistency just wasn't there. So we decided to do things a little different! We decided more control over the manufacturing process was needed so we set out to accomplish that.

We start with the purchase of bulk polyester. We then have it spun and cleaned into grade AA yarn which is chemically split. From there, we rent time on a loom and weave the yarn, to our specifications, into rolls of microfiber. These rolls of microfiber are then sent to our dye house where we only use high quality German dyes. After dying, the rolls of microfiber are Ultra Sonic Cut on company owned machines into the finished towels you receive. Now, years after beginning this project, we can ensure every batch of towels you purchase from us will be the same time and time again!

It may sound like a lot of work, and it is, but we feel this dedication is necessary to create towels detailers can continually count on! If you give these towels a try we guarantee you will like them! And when you go to order more you can rest easy that your new shipment will be identical to the ones you purchased previously!

Qty: 300

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