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3D No Drip Nano Pail Pump

3D No Drip Nano Pail Pump
3D No Drip Nano Pail Pump
Weight: 0 lbs 6 ozs
The easiest way to dispense Nano Pail liquids accurately into a 32 oz. bottle!
Price: $7.99
Product Details
  • New No Drip design.
  • Accurately dispenses 3D Nano Pail concentrates into 32 ounce secondary bottles.
  • Add the following amount of pumps to 30 ounces of water in your 32 oz. bottle:
    • One pump into a 32 oz. bottle properly dilutes:
      • 3D Super Duty Degreaser
      • 3D Super Citrus APC
      • 3D Super Glass Cleaner
    • One pump into a 5 gallon bucket properly dilutes:
      • 3D Super Soap
    • Two pumps into a 32 oz. bottle properly dilutes:
      • 3D Super Wheel Cleaner
    • The perfect way for shops and DIYer's to properly dilute 3D's Nano Pails.
  • Each pump dispenses 2/3 ounce of product.
For the first time since the development of car wash chemicals, 3D has created Ultra-Concentrated car wash liquids that stay homogeneous. After years of research,  they have developed a unique super extraction process that produces highly potent ingredients. They then micro-homogenize those ingredients to create low viscosity and homogeneous formulas that will not separate. The cleaning and production results are outstanding. These new super emulsified, ultra concentrated 3D Nano formulations deliver even better results than the concentrated version.

3D's Nano Pails are super ultra-concentrated and the perfect option for smaller shops and DIYer's. One 64 oz. Nano Pail produces the same amount of ready-to-use product as a 5 gallon tote of concentrate does. If you have been purchasing products in the 5 gallon size, you now only have to purchase one Nano Pail to get equal ready-to-use product! Add a Nano Pail Pump and one or two pumps into a 32 oz. bottle gives you accurate proportioning to save you time and prevent product waste.

One of the biggest advantages to the Nano Pail line is the space savings in your shop or garage. Space in your shop costs money. All leases specify your cost per square foot. Why take up space you are paying for with larger containers than needed. 3D's Nano Pails are ultra concentrated. You can replace an entire rack of 5 gallon totes with just one shelf of Nano Pails. Freeing up more of your shop space to make you money.
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