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3D Detailer's Bag

3D Detailer's Bag
3D Detailer's Bag
3D Detailer's Bag
3D Detailer's Bag
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SKU: L-43
Weight: 5 lbs 8 ozs
The ideal way to transport everything you need for to polish a car.
Price: $59.99
Product Details
  • Perfect for mobile detailers and hobbyists alike.
  • Large, rugged bag will carry your polisher.
  • 12 total pockets allows you to carry just about everything you need to polish a car.
  • Dimensions:
    • 18" x 11" x 9"
The 3D Detailing Bag is a must-have for any professional or hobbyist. The large, rugged bag can carry a ton of supplies. It's 12 pockets can hold everything you need from chemicals and polishes to brushes and pads while its large open center will hold your polisher too. Yes, that's right, the 3D Detailing Bag can accommodate most polishers on the market.

Inside the bag you'll find 8 total pockets and a Velcro strap in the center. Use the Velcro strap to secure your polisher inside your bag. On one side are 6 pockets capable of holding 16 oz. bottles. Use these to carry around bottles of 3D One, Speed or Poxy. You can also use 16 oz. spray bottles in the pockets so you can bring your Orange Degreaser, BDX or other chemicals with you as well. The opposite side of the bag features an extra-large and large pocket. The extra-large pocket is capable of holding multiple 7.5" pads, brushes or microfiber towels while the large pocket works great for carrying smaller pads and towels.

On the exterior you'll find 4 additional large pockets. These pockets are great for your brushes, towels or additional accessories you'll need while detailing. The bag comes with two hand carrying straps as well as a shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag has five "feet" which will keep your bag safely above a wet floor as well as keep it in place on upholstered surfaces.

If you're a mobile detailer or just a hobbyist, you'll want the 3D Detailing Bag to keep all your supplies organized and ready for transport when needed!
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