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3D 935 Ceramic Coating - 30 ml

3D 935 Ceramic Coating - 30 ml
3D 935 Ceramic Coating - 30 ml
SKU: 935CC-K
Weight: 1 lbs 8 ozs
An environmentally safe 2-yr coating that offers amazing gloss and slickness!
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Product Details
3D Ceramic Coating will keep your painted surfaces protected and looking great! This two year coating provides an amazing amount of gloss that holds up! 3D recommends applying two layers to your car to ensure uniform coverage, which leads to uniform durability and appearance. Unlike many other coatings, 3D Ceramic Coating does not have that harsh solvent smell. It is environmentally safe and easy on your nose. 

Like other coatings on the market, 3D Ceramic Coating is highly dirt and water repellent. It offers an amazing level of gloss and slickness. If you're happy with the compounds, polishes and cleaners 3D already makes, then you'll really like their Ceramic Coating!

How to apply 3D Ceramic Coating:
  1. Fully wash and decontaminate your paint.
  2. If required, polish the paint.
  3. Ensure all waxes, grease and oils are removed by using 3D Wipe to prep your paint for application.
  4. Working in a 2 ft. x 2 ft. section, apply 3D Ceramic Coating in a cross hatch patter (left to right, then front to back strokes).
  5. Wait no longer than 30 seconds and remove with a clean dry microfiber towel. If the paint still feels oily, wait a few more seconds to remove.
  6. A second layer of 3D Ceramic Coating is recommended. By the time you go around the entire car and finish application of your first layer, you'll be ready to start your second layer at your starting point
Size: 30 ml

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