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3D 913 Odor-X - 16 oz

3D 913 Odor-X - 16 oz
3D 913 Odor-X - 16 oz
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Weight: 1 lbs 10 ozs
Enzyme based odor eliminator gets rid of any foul odor in your car!
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Product Details
  • Anti-bacterial odor eliminator
  • Gets rid of smells resulting from vomit, pets, cigarettes, fast food...
  • Biodegradable, salmonella-free certified
Odor-X is a concentrated bacterial enzyme that is certified Salmonella-Free. It will eliminate odors caused by vomit, spoiled foods, pet odors, smoke, waste in areas such as garbage cans, waste receptacles, locker rooms, carpet and many other offensive odors. The bacterial action digests materials while the pleasant fragrance immediately neutralizes the odor. Recommended for hospitals, nursing home, schools, apartments, kitchens, kennels, grease traps, drain lines, down pipes, portable toilets, septic tanks, RV's autos and wet wells.

If you are tired of the unpleasant smell in your car, you have to look for an odor eliminator that can efficiently get rid of that spiteful stench. Whether it is the smell of stale cigarettes, rotten food, or mildew odor, you will need more than just a hanging air freshener or the old-fashioned lemon peel technique. Thanks to 3D Professional Detailing Products, you can finally buy a product that can completely eliminate the odors in your car instead of just masking them and leaving them dormant.

3D Odor-X is so strong it can get rid of any foul odor in your car! It removes odors from upholstery and carpets by neutralizing the smell in your car when you spray it.

Every bottle of 3D Odor-X contains a concentrated bacterial enzyme that has been certified salmonella-free. These powerful enzymes break apart the bond that causes foul odors so that you will permanently remove smells. It can easily eliminate the stench caused by spoiled food, pet odors, vomit, stale cigarettes or waste receptacles. Its quick bacterial action digests the different materials that cause unpleasant odors and releases a pleasant fragrance that can instantly neutralize bad car odors. This versatile product is not only recommended for cars, but also for nursing homes, hospitals, residential settings an other areas that require odor control.

Size: 16 oz.

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