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3D 6.5" Spider-Cut Light Purple Cutting/Polishing Foam Pad

3D 6.5" Spider-Cut Light Purple Cutting/Polishing Foam Pad
3D 6.5" Spider-Cut Light Purple Cutting/Polishing Foam Pad
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3D's most versatile pad featuring patented Spider-Cut technology.
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Product Details
  • 3D's most versatile pad.
  • Fills all the gaps between heavy correction and the finest finishing.
  • Works great with HD Speed when used as a finishing polish.
  • Outlast other pads by 2 to 4 times.
  • Patented Spider-Cut technology.
3D's most versatile High Definition pad. Once you've tried the Light Purple Cutting and Polishing Pad, 3D is confident it will quickly become your "go to" pad due to its versatility. The unique cell structure of the foam along with its patented Spider-Cut technology allows it to fill every paint correction gap between heavy cutting and the finest finishing. As the pad starts to work it begins to soften, almost instantly, increasing the workable surface area and providing a balance feel, pushing the desired chemical to its limits. Whether your preference is a dual action polisher or a rotary polisher, you will instantly notice the pad's performance!

The Light Purple Cutting and Polishing Foam Pad works great with just about any 3D or HD compound or polish. It works great when used with HD Speed as a finishing polish. It will increase the cutting ability of HD Polish+ or cut well when partnered with HD Cut. The high performance, tear resistant, durable foam will normally last 2 to 4 times longer than any pad currently available. This pad can be used with a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher.

Pad Face: 6.5"/165 mm
Thickness: 1"
Hook & Loop Backing: 6"
Foam Color: Light Purple
Velcro Color: Black
Made In: Germany

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