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3D 503 Spray Detailer - 16 oz

3D 503 Spray Detailer - 16 oz
3D 503 Spray Detailer - 16 oz
SKU: 503OZ16
Weight: 1 lbs 10 ozs
A versatile, silicone free detailer that removes smudges, fingerprints and light dust while being body shop safe. Makes an excellent clay lubricant as well as an excellent foam pad conditioner.
Price: $9.99
Product Details
  • Silicone free detailer is safe for body shop environment.
  • Removes smudges, fingerprints and light dust.
  • Ideal choice for foam pad conditioning prior to polishing.
  • Excellent clay lubricant.
3D Spray Detailer is the quick and easy way to clean up while you're sanding, buffing and polishing around the shop. It works great on paint, glass and chrome. Simply spray onto the surface and wipe off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. 

If you're working in a body shop environment you can use this product with no worries. The silicone free formula won't contaminate your paint spray area. It makes an excellent clay bar lubricant and works equally as well as a lubricant for clay towels, mitts or pads. 

Do you like to condition your foam pads prior to buffing? If so, 3D Spray Detailer makes an excellent pad conditioner. It's silicone free formula will lubricate your foam pads to reduce wear and tear, producing superior polishing results. 

Size: 24 oz.
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