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3D 502 AAT Finishing Polish, 8 oz.

3D 502 AAT Finishing Polish, 8 oz.
3D 502 AAT Finishing Polish, 8 oz.
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The industries #1 "Hologram Free" polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology.
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3D's AAT Finishing Poilish is the industries #1 "Hologram Free" polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT). AAT Finishing Polish is specially engineered with Nano abrasive sthat effortlessly correct virtually any painted surface leaving a swirl free, glass-like finish without any fillers.

You might be asking yourself, what is AAT and what makes AAT better than other polishes and compounds? AAT isn't like anything else on the market today. It cannot be copied, replicated or reverse-engineered. 3D has gone to great lengths to create this new technology.

AAT was desinged with a special chemical booster that allows the abrasive package to cut harder and quicker while also finishing better. This chemical booster pushes the boundaries of what a compound and polish are capable of achieving. Many manufacturers source their abrasive from similar sources. However, the abrasives can only do so much on their own. Giving them a "boost" takes it to the next level. AAT results in a mechanical-chemical system that produces exceptional cut while leaving he least amount of surfaces hazing and dust.

All 3D and HD products that contain AAT can be used with any type of machine and any buffing pad you would like. However, 3D's AAT Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish are targeted towards the largest market in detailing, body shops, where rotary polishers are used. Creating a product that works flawlessly in the body shop environment is extremely difficult due to the many variables that can occur. These variables included the differences in paint systems, forced or air cured and environmental/geographical factors throughout the world. AAT has be designed to work exceptionally well despite all these variables on fresh finishes, ultimately saving the body shop time while producing a superior finish.

In addition to working so well on fresh paint finishes, AAT products work well on softer surfaces such as paint protection film, bare metals and plastics.  

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Size: 8 oz.

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on 12/28/2021 9:36:32 AM

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Review: This is probably the finest polish 3D has availavailable. In the very rare instance that 3D ONE or ACA520 doesn't finish out perfectly, AAT502 will get you there. Even on soft black, it leaves a clear, glossy, haze free finish. The only drawback might be that because of It's lighter nature or might take a more thorough effort to remove compounding haze. 502 is also super easy to work with. No dust, infinite work time, easy to wipe from finish, abrasives don't diminish, so the longer you polish, ... More details