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3D 422 Poxy - 8 oz.

3D 422 Poxy - 8 oz.
3D 422 Poxy - 8 oz.
SKU: 422OZ8
Weight: 1 lbs 8 ozs
A hybrid sealant/wax combination that produces a high-gloss, deep, wet-looking shine with an easy on, easy off application.
Price: $9.99
Product Details
  • Hybrid sealant/wax that creates a durable high-gloss shine.
  • Contains Fossilized Montan Wax for the highest level of durability.
  • Easy on/easy off formula.
HD Poxy is a hybrid paint sealant/wax combination that has been designed to bond to the painted surface for a long lasting durable high-gloss shine. The mined Fossilized Montan Wax in HD Poxy will darken your paints appearance and create depth for the ultimate wet-look shine.

Poxy works exceptionally well on all colors, giving you a deep glossy finish while protecting against the natural effects of mother nature. All you need is a thin layer of product spread over your entire finish. 

To achieve the highest level of protection and bonding, allow HD Poxy to cure for 30-45 minutes before removing with a clean, dry microfiber towel. You will want to re-apply Poxy every 3-4 months depending on the maintenance of the car.

Size: 8 oz.
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