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3D 112 LVP Cleaner, 128 oz.

3D 112 LVP Cleaner, 128 oz.
3D 112 LVP Cleaner, 128 oz.
SKU: 112G01
Weight: 9 lbs 8 ozs
Safely cleans leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces.
Price: $22.99
Product Details
  • Safely cleans leather, vinyl and plastic interior and exterior surfaces
  • Safely and deeply cleans delicate leather and plastic
  • Cleans all hard interior surfaces
  • Will not strip the factory coating on leather and plastic surfaces
  • Highly concentrated. Dilute 1:10 for light duty cleaning, 1:4 for heavy duty cleaning
3D's LVP is designed to safely clean your plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. LVP doesn't use any harsh chemicals that will damage any of these surfaces. Instead, LVP will leave a nice shine while removing stains and other tough contaminants that are stuck to your leather, vinyl or plastics. 

Like all of 3D's cleaners, a little goes a long way. It is an environmentally friendly cleaner designed to safely remove soiling from a multitude of components found in cars, boats, aircraft and RV's. Not only does LVP work wonders performing general cleaning duties, it also safely and deeply cleans delicate leather and plastic finishes that most cleaners would end up destroying. It can clean all hard interior surfaces such as dash boards, door panels, center consoles as well as polycarbonate plastic.

Most people are not aware that most production leather, vinyl and plastic interior components are topically treated with special UV inhibitors designed to make them unsusceptible to premature wear and tear. Many of the cleaners on the market today function by using highly alkaline chemical components that basically clean by brute force. This ends up reducing the life span of these gentle interior components by stripping them of their UV coating and ultimately drying them out. What separates LVP from other cleaners is the way the special surfactants gently emulsify dirt and grime without stripping the surface of its natural color and finish. After using, you'll notice how clean and vibrant the surface looks because of LVP's unique technology.

The gallon size of LVP is highly concentrated. For light duty cleaning of leather, vinyl and plastic, dilute 1 part LVP to 10 parts water. For heavier cleaning duties, dilute as strong at 1 part LVP to 4 parts water as needed. Avoid spraying your mixture directly onto the surface. Instead, spray onto your towel or brush and atitate as needed. A horse hair interior brush works great with LVP!

Size: 128 oz.
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