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3D 107 Eraser Water Spot Remover - 16 oz

3D 107 Eraser Water Spot Remover - 16 oz
3D 107 Eraser Water Spot Remover - 16 oz
SKU: 107OZ16
Weight: 1 lbs 8 ozs
A thick, gel-like acidic mixture that softens hard water spots for fast and easy removal.
Price: $16.99
Product Details
  • Gets rid of hard water spots fast
  • Works on windows and paint to restore clarity to both
  • Fast Acting
  • Thick, gel-like formula clings to the surface, does not run down
  • Eliminates calcium deposits and minerals
One of the most annoying things that you may find one your car is the presence of water spots. These faded, chalky white marks across the exterior of your vehicle can make it look horrible while also damaging you clear coat. These chalky white marks are calcium deposits and harsh minerals from hard water conditions. 

Water spots can be a result of many uncontrollable situations. Water spots can form on vehicles that are constantly exposed to rainy days, snowy days and acid rain. They can also come from garden sprinkler systems. These water spots can form on your windows or on your paint, so you want a water spot remover that will work on both surfaces.

3D Eraser is a strong acidic mixture that soften the hard mineral deposits, allowing them to be safely rinsed off windows and painted surfaces. All you have to do is apply 3D Eraser in a back and forth motion onto the affected surface. Make sure the surface is cool prior to application. Allow product to dwell on the surface for no more than one minute, then rinse with your favorite car wash. When applying, wearing nitrile gloves to protect your hands is recommended.

If you are working on glass, 0000 steel wool works best with Eraser for removing water spots from car windows.

Size: 16 oz.
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