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3D 103 Bug Remover, 5 Gallon

3D 103 Bug Remover, 5 Gallon
3D 103 Bug Remover, 5 Gallon
SKU: 103G05
Weight: 50 lbs
An effective and affordable enzyme based bug remover.
Product Details
  • Enzyme based product rapidly loosens protein based bug stains
  • Highly concentrated
  • Can be used with a dedicated bug sponge
3D Bug Remover is specifically designed to remove bugs and insects from the exterior of your car. Most frequently this will be on the windshield, hood and grill of your vehicle. This enzyme based product will rapidly loosen-up and eliminate the protein based stains off your vehicle. 

It's not always possible for you to only wipe bugs off your car during the wash process. Sometimes before you have the chance to remove the bugs they get baked onto your paint and windshield. When this happens, they are very difficult to remove. That's when 3D Bug Remover comes into play. It's an effective and environmentally friendly way to easily get rid of baked on bugs and insects. 

3D Bug Remover is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted prior to use. Make sure the surface to be treated is cool and wet prior to application. For regular use, dilute 1:10 parts water ad for heavy duty use, dilute 1:4. Spray the diluted Bug Remover onto the surface and let the enzymes work for a few minutes. Rinse and then wash the surface with your favorite car wash to neutralize. Sometimes the use of a dedicated bug sponge is necessary.

When you are looking for an affordable and effective bug remover, look no further than 3D Bug Remover.

Size: 5 Gallon

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