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American Detailer Garage F-Bomb - 32 oz.

American Detailer Garage F-Bomb - 32 oz.
American Detailer Garage F-Bomb - 32 oz.
Weight: 3 lbs 4 ozs
A soap based multi-purpose cleaner that is extremely versatile and concentrated.
Price: $22.79
Product Details
  • Unique soap based formula make it very versatile.
  • Not lab tested. Tested by professional detailers in professional detailing shops!
  • Highly concentrated:
    • Engines & tires - 1:4 (F-Bomb:Water)
    • Soiled interiors, paint pre-soak, bug removal - 1:10
    • Finished leather and light interior stains - 1:30
    • Remove smoke & tar buildup on glass - 1:64
F-Bomb, by American Detailer Garage, is a highly concentrated multi purpose cleaner that can be used for a variety of applications. The soap based formula gives it the versatility to clean everything from engines and tires to interior surfaces, even finished leather! Use F-Bomb on paint as a pre-soak or on delicate interior surfaces, it's that versatile.

When we say F-Bomb is highly concentrated, we mean it! With most multi purpose cleaners, you need to use it at 1:4 or stronger just to get minimal cleaning. Not F-Bomb, we when say dilute it 1:10 (F-Bomb:Water) for soiled interiors we mean it! For working on leather, 1:30. Light interior stains, 1:30. To remove bugs or use as a paint pre-soak, 1:10. To remove smoke & tar buildup on windows, 1:64. To clean engines or dirty tires, 1:4. F-Bomb is unlike any multi purpose cleaner you have every used!

American Detailer Garage products are the hard work of Billy Baugus. Billy has poured more time and energy into research and development of his products than most detailers spend detailing! Before any ADG products are released, Billy puts them through a ton of testing...and not just his own testing. His products have been tested and re-tested by some of the top professional detailers across in the country, in their shops! These products aren't lab tested...they are real world tested by some of the best in the industry! When ADG puts out a product, you know it's going to be good!

Size: 32 oz.
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