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2 Inch Lake Country Force Orange Cutting Pad

2 Inch Lake Country Force Orange Cutting Pad
Weight: 0 lbs 2 ozs
Ideal for removal of light to moderate imperfections with a cutting polish.
Price: $4.49
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Product Details
  • The Force Orange Cutting Pad has light to medium cutting power for the removal of light to moderate imperfections. Pair with your favorite compound or cutting polish.
Lake Country Force Pads are an updated version of their original Hybrid Pad line. The new Force Pads are designed for DA's and Force Rotation Polishers such as the Flex 3401. Force Pads feature the same Hybrid Foam technology as the Hybrid Pad line. These Hybrid foams are specially engineered with small cells and dense construction to keep abrasives close to the surface of the pad. This leads to faster correction times as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the foam.

Force Pads have a buff backed design on the backside of the pad to protect the backing plate from coming into contact with the working surface. This buff backed design also maintains consistent pressure across the pad.

Pad Face: 2-3/8"
Loop Backing: 2"
Thickness: .75"
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