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Autofiber Quadrant Wipe Microfiber Towel | 10-pk | Grey

Autofiber Quadrant Wipe Microfiber Towel | 10-pk | Grey
Autofiber Quadrant Wipe Microfiber Towel | 10-pk | Grey
SKU: T307GYE-AF8-10
Weight: 1 lbs 3 ozs
Designed to help you know which sections have and haven't been used on the towel. Excellent for leveling coatings.
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Product Details
  • Designed to help you know which sections of the towel have and haven't been used.
  • Numbered quadrants flip and fold so you use sections 1 through 8 in order.
  • Great for leveling coatings.
  • Specifications: 
    • Weight: 300 GSM
    • Size: 16" x 16"
    • Blend: 70/30 (polyester/polyamide)
When applying a ceramic coating, the installer must remove residual product (level) to eliminate high and low spots which insures the coating cures with evenness and clarity. When leveling coatings, it is always important to wipe with a clean section of the towel. Wiping with a used section of the towel can introduce marring into the coating. This is due to how quickly coatings begin to cure and harden on the towel. 

Most coating installers know folding their towel into eight, 8" x 8" sections will maximize their towels performance. However, it can be difficult to remember which sections have and have not been used. Enter the Autofiber Quandrant Wipe Microfiber Towel!

The Autofiber Quadrant Wipe Microfiber Towel was designed to make it easy to remember which section(s) of the towel have been used. Each quadrant is numbered 1 through 8 so the installer can keep track of the sides that have been used for leveling. Simply flip and fold your way through the number sequence and you'll always know which sections have been used.

Quantity: 10-pk.

Towels made in China, printed in U.S.A.

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